Neurofeedback and Trauma

100% of Vietnam veterans in 2 studies recovered from PTSD: when given direction, the brain learns to stabilize from trauma-related patterns – long-term:

  • Appropriate use of alpha/theta protocols keep re-traumatization at bay and allows the brain to self-regulate, therefore the process offers healthy control and rapid symptom relief.
  • The process is safe, painless, and shameless. Results are noticeable within 3-8 sessions. 
  • Neurofeedback simply allows the brain to release inefficient patterns from the past that were associated with survival when they were developed.
  • fMRI research shows the safe/secure brain state (default mode/state network) comes back online with use of neurofeedback.
  • Daniel Amen, MD, demonstrates the neurological status of PTS symptoms through brain (PET) scans:
  • Children with dysregulated mood and behavior often show improved stability with neurofeedback when coupled with parents conducting their own training.
  • Dr. Buck has experience working with trauma survivors since 1991. She helps normalize the recovery process, empowering clients with their own internal healing abilities.
  • The brain recognizes safety in numbers, satisfying the “herding instinct”, so local ongoing group recovery activities are important for people to engage in along with neurofeedback.
  • Dr. Buck is an Amen Clinic Certified Brain Health Coach offers coaching services for individuals wanting a whole person approach to recovery. Ask Dr. Buck about coaching packages.