Introducing Tactical Brain Training™

Brain training for peak performance
and trauma resiliency.

Neurofeedback is a training method that helps the brain to self-regulate. Not just a brain game, neurofeedback (EEG biofeedback) is sophisticated and evidence-based.

Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, First Responders and Homeland Security are ideal candidates for neurofeedback training because:

  • Neurofeedback is a strength-based skill-training approach that is complimentary to the law enforcement and first responders cultures.
  • Just like a personal trainer offers physical fitness, we offer brain fitness.
  • Unlike therapy, you don’t have to talk about the trauma to resolve it. Neurofeedback addresses issues at the root: the brain.
  • Neurofeedback peak performance training helps reduce impulsive mistakes, providing better focus and attention, and enhancing accuracy in performance.

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The cutting-edge system we use, BrainPaint®, makes it simple and affordable with predictable results. Individualized protocols used in BrainPaint® are evidence based–and don’t require a diagnosis, involve “treatment,” or create the stigma barrier. Train the body, train the brain: We assist you in training your brain just like a personal trainer would help you improve your physical workout. Our home user service makes BrainPaint®available to individuals and families who live 50 miles or more from an existing BrainPaint®provider. We can also customize programs for the workplace.

Star athletes use neurofeedback for peak performance—perhaps a best-kept secret.

In sports split-second decisions and absolute mental focus make the difference between winning and losing. Imagine better mental clarity, maximizing attention to details and decisions that can mean life or death. Research using neurofeedback with athletes, musicians, and surgeons, has consistently shown significant improvement in performance. Research on neurofeedback with these groups demonstrates fewer mistakes of omission and commission, more precise performance, decreased anxiety, and better focus and presence. When the brain is trained to increase and decrease amplitudes of different frequency ranges, the brain has learned flexibility. The brain strengthens and increases connections for more efficient functioning. This also helps with other brain health issues such as recovery from head injuries and stroke. Brain training results in strengthening and improving mental flexibility, very comparable to physical training.

Neurofeedback addresses trauma resiliency directly, at its source: the brain.

The protocols used in BrainPaint® replicate the same process that resulted in 100% of Vietnam Veteran subjects, in 2 studies, no longer meeting criteria for PTSD – long term. Who else can say that? The neurofeedback field can when the appropriate protocols are used. BrainPaint® has been used with over 21,000 clients. Results from non-identified BrainPaint® server data shows that 93% of clients felt their trauma-related symptoms were better or resolved by the 20th session. What happens is the brain learns to calm itself. Nature loves efficiency, and when the brain is trained to integrate survival responses that are no longer necessary, we become free of the trauma response. Additionally, if the brain is trained to self-regulate, we are better able to control our responses during stressful events. When we maintain that healthy control, the brain does not have to work overtime to protect us from similar real or perceived stressors.

Here are examples of how theory meets reality:

A group of deployed military members who were provided neurofeedback reported they were better able to do their jobs, were better team members, slept better, had less anxiety and depression, took significantly fewer meds, had less inappropriate aggression, and reported they did not feel as likely to develop post-trauma symptoms. The number one benefit reported was better impulse control.

Brain imaging studies using fMRI show stabilizing effects on brain structures associated with trauma response after only one session of neurofeedback (alpha suppression).

Neurofeedback was accidentally discovered when cats were seizure resistant after neurofeedback training (SMR/12-14hz reward). This demonstrates that the benefits of neurofeedback are not due to expectations or thoughts—no placebo effect. Double blind studies comparing adults who got real feedback compared to sham feedback showed significant benefits for those who got real feedback and no difference or worsening of symptoms for those who got sham/placebo feedback.

Potential benefits.

Imagine a workforce of law enforcement and first responders who are happier, more relaxed, and better connected as a team. Imagine reducing the number of suicides and divorces among law enforcement and first responders. For these reasons and many more we see a healthier and happier future for law enforcement and first responders, and their families, with use of BrainPaint® neurofeedback for peak performance and trauma resiliency.

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“As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention.” — Steven Lowen, PhD, 2014, Harvard Medical School