Neurofeedback for Peak Performance Training

Research on neurofeedback for Peak Performance training has demonstrated fewer errors and more precise performance in areas of sports, performing arts, and even surgery.

  • Research consistently demonstrates improvements with athletes, performing artists, surgeons, and more. Brain training results in increased presence and attention for
    • fewer errors of omission (missed action), 
    • fewer errors of commission (regretted action),
    • while improving desired control, mood, and memory.
  • Neurofeedback is not simply a brain game. Nothing external comes into the brain: The brain learns to self-regulate. The brain learns to repeat relaxed attentive states.
  • Neurofeedback simply guides the brain to maximize functioning and remember how to maintain and repeat optimal states naturally– it is like meditation on steroids!
  • We don’t need to diagnose, pathologize, or stigmatize your situation. Just like physical training with support from a personal trainer, we do personalized brain training.
  • Many people involved in lifetime sports activities have sustained head injuries. These injuries are often overlooked when assessing unwanted symptoms like mood and sleep.