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In 2011, Biobalance Integrated Wellness got traction with distance neurofeedback services while living in the small mountain community of Bisbee, AZ. She became a master home user trainer while envisioning the time when neurofeedback, coupled with brain optimization supports, will become a household term. As brain research progresses, the day has now arrived for destigmatizing “mental and behavioral health” symptoms and behaviors, eliminating unnecessary suffering and suicide, while ending the tremendous cost to individuals and society.

At Biobalance Integrated Wellness, we work with each provider’s individual/institutional needs, training and empowering from a whole person perspective, to promote brain health and overall health and well-being for their clientele. We promote responsible marketing and referrals to collaborative partners who can assist with specialized areas such as nutrition, additional neuromodulation tech, and coordinated online social connection.


Tina Buck, PhD, LPC, BCN

ina Buck, PhD, LPC, BCN

Dr. Buck has worked in various capacities in the mental health profession since 1991. She completed her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees through the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at The University of Arizona. She currently serves on the faculty at The University of Arizona, College of Applied Sciences & Technology, Human Services program. Prior faculty appointments have included The University of Texas Pan-American, the University of Arizona College of Education (Rehabilitation), Prescott College, and Arizona School for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has presented at numerous conferences and has published in the areas of addictive disorders, spirituality and healing, and worldviews and integrative medicine. She has followed trends in neurofeedback research and technology since 1993 and has gained extensive experience with neurofeedback in her own private practice. Dr. Buck has a BCIA Certification in Neurofeedback, is a Certified Brain Health Coach through Amen University, and is a member of the Transformative Technologies community.

Dr. Buck has worked remotely with hundreds of neurofeedback home user clients as her primary interest since 2012. She applies this unique experience to the Provider Home User Training program.

Los Angeles, CA

Steve Parent

Steve Parent is a Neurofeedback Technical Trainer. As a former Network Engineer at CBS Television in Los Angeles and an award-winning commercial real estate investment advisor, Steve brings his technical and personal relationship skills to the world of Neurofeedback, helping individuals and families overcome symptoms of various disorders.

Born and raised in the West San Fernando Valley, Steve studied business at USC and more recently studied Neuroscience, Neurobiology, and Clinical Neurology through Harvard Medical School Extension, University of Chicago Medical School, and University of California San Francisco Medical School, respectively. He is BCIA trained in Neurofeedback with the Stens Corporation, considered to be the finest Neurofeedback training available. Steve also completed Mediation/Conflict Resolution Certification training through Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, and continues his learning with CME courses through University of Massachusettes Medical School (UMASS) and Harvard Medical School. Steve is also an active member of LAPD’s Community Police Advisory Board, a volunteer organization dedicated to improving the relationship between LAPD, the community, and local government.
Steve and his wife Anna have been married for 26 years, and live in Tarzana with their two daughters and two rescue dogs.