Consultation and Training Services

Operate outside the BOX and bring your company or organization into the 21st Century with Neurofeedback!

Biobalance offers individualized consultation and training services for integration of neurofeedback for your company or organization. 

Dr. Buck offers a complementary 30-minute phone consultation to see if our services can help launch your brain health vision for your company or organization.

Treatment Centers

  • Neurofeedback increases outcomes and revenue, enhancing reputation and referrals:
    • Length of stay increases by 50%
    • Recovery outcomes increase by 33%
  • Our training services are comprehensive and will assist you in not only adopting neurofeedback, but integrating it into your program, providing ongoing mentoring, and assisting with marketing that will set you apart from the competition.

Coaches: Recovery Coaches, Sports, Executive and Brain Health Coaches

  • Neurofeedback improves client outcomes exponentially! 
  • Peak Performance enhances precision for sports, performing arts, rapid decision responses, and detailed duties.

Introducing Tactical Brain Training™

  • Trauma Resiliency and Peak Performance help the brain stabilize and maintain results.
  • Maintain a healthy and happy workforce:
    • Avoid burnout and compassion fatigue,
    • Avoid errors of omission and commission,
    • Assist neurologically injured workers to return more quickly from leave, &
    • Avoid disability claims.
  • Cost-effective and culturally adept training for first responders, law enforcement military, veterans, medical and mental health providers.

Non-profit Organizations: Children, Veterans, Peer Support Groups

  • Empower your organization with neurofeedback training for your community-based or national project.

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