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About Us

Biobalance Integrated Wellness llc provides counseling, psychotherapy, and neurofeedback brain training services. We are the exclusive authorized provider of BrainPaint® for home use.

We work with each individual holistically, utilizing wellness evaluations and encouraging lifestyles to promote brain health and overall health and well-being. We coordinate with existing providers, and make referrals for nutrition, medical care, complementary and alternative medicine, exercise, and for social connection.

Standardized Neurotrainer Program

The Neurotrainer Program is available to empower organizations through standardized training and support to adopt the BrainPaint® neurofeedback system. For use with non-profit organizations, health centers, military/veteran populations, and more.


Tina Buck, PhD, LPC

Dr. Buck has worked in various capacities in the mental health profession since 1991. She completed her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees through the Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation at The University of Arizona. She has served on the faculty of institutions including The University of Texas Pan-American, the University of Arizona, Prescott College, and Arizona School for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. She has presented at numerous conferences and has published in the areas of addictive disorders, spirituality and healing, and worldviews and integrative medicine. She has followed trends in neurofeedback research and technology since 1993 and has gained extensive experience with neurofeedback in her own private practice.


"As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention." — Steven Lowen, PhD, 2014, Harvard Medical School
Neurofeedback Home User Services powered by BrainPaint®

Biobalance Integrated Wellness llc is the exclusive authorized provider of BrainPaint® for home use. Accessible, affordable, effective neurofeedback training in the comfort of your home. For more information visit

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