Why BrainPaint®?

In 2012, Dr. Buck took on the challenge of becoming the home user provider for BrainPaint® software with the clear intention that she could master training and supervising institutions to successfully integrate BrainPaint® on a large scale.

We make BrainPaint® available organizations and institutions wanting to come into the 21st Century with cutting edge interventions and outcome measures unmatched by traditional programs.

BrainPaint® has many features that make it our system of choice for institutional use. 

Here are the TOP reasons to use BrainPaint®® for your organization or company:

  1. BrainPaint® is simple to learn and easy to integrate with existing services.
  2. Evidence-based protocols, validated then replicated in multiple studies, are selected without the need for expensive brain maps.
  3. There is no need to train providers to learn the complexities of manual thresholding:

BrainMaster, the amplifier used by BrainPaint®, is FDA approved and is set for auto-thresholding. This means that the amplifier regularly calibrates and sets the training challenges so they are never too hard and never too easy.

  1. BrainPrint®, unique to BrainPaint®, is a method of recording active EEG while a person is engaged in a focused activity. Highly individualized protocols are then designed by Bill Scott based on the recorded data file.
  2. The software generates multidimensional feedback, giving your brain a complex range of audio and visual feedback for optimal learning. Make art and music with your brain!
    • Unique fractal graphics that give “BrainPaint®” its name are one element, reflecting brainwaves in 40 frames per second with fascinating images.
    • Designed by top Hollywood sound producers, sophisticated audio feedback music reflects your brainwave activity at frequencies from 1-30 hertz.
    • More direct forms of audio and visual feedback accompany the brainwave generated art and music feedback.
  3. The “Movement Shaper” feature helps trainees to learn to sit still and relax facial muscles so they can maximize their EEG biofeedback training rather than training muscle artifact. This is particularly helpful in cases of involuntary physical movements or tics.
  4. The “Attention Verification” feature assists trainees with body/mind awareness when unconscious distracting thoughts interfere with being present.
  5. BrainPaint® reproduces the exact way that alpha/theta protocols were designed in studies with veterans resulting in 100% of subjects no longer meeting criteria for PTSD.

Professional Endorsements

  • BrainPaint® has strong endorsements, including being selected in 2012 by StartUp Health as one of the top 10 health care innovations in the nation.
  • Steven Lowen, PhD, Harvard Medical School neuroimaging researcher, states: “As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention.”