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Introducing Tactical Brain Training for Veterans & Homeland Security

Press Release, 11 November 2015

“Neurofeedback should be widely available for every veteran, military member, law enforcement officer, and first responder for optimal brain functioning and for trauma resiliency.”

Small business owner and veteran Tina Buck, PhD, introduced the concept of “Tactical Brain Training” at the 2015 Homeland Security Professionals Conference and Exposition in Orlando, Florida. 

Dr. Buck states, "Tactical brain training is the use of neurofeedback to train professionals—with the same rigor as a personal trainer—as a tool to improve trauma resiliency and peak performance."

Neurofeedback is technology that works with the brain's natural ability to stabilize itself and function efficiently. Using this technology to train the brain accomplishes much more than the brain games that are currently popular. In neurofeedback, EEG technology reads brainwave activity and sends it to a computer that produces feedback for the user. The method is safe and effective, with no external energy coming into the brain. With practice, the brain is re-educated to relax, function efficiently, and then become stabilized.

In the years since its discovery, neurofeedback has been used successfully with athletes, Olympic teams, Special Forces, surgeons, and more. Dr. Buck states, “Neurofeedback should be widely available for every veteran, military member, law enforcement officer, and first responder for optimal brain functioning and for trauma resiliency. This under-appreciated technology can eliminate the stigma associated with mental health treatment.”

She cites research validating neurofeedback for peak performance, with benefits in areas of fewer mistakes, better mood, improved focus and concentration, and better clarity and decision-making under pressure.

Dr. Buck reports neurofeedback offers hope for post-traumatic stress and head injuries in a way that other methods are challenged to match. Two studies with Vietnam veterans who completed neurofeedback training resulted in 100% of subjects no longer suffering from PTSD—long term. And among 819 people who self-identified with PTSD, 89% reported their symptoms were better or resolved by the 20th session of BrainPaint® neurofeedback training. Positive results have been found in at least 22 studies of neurofeedback for head injuries. Additional evidence indicates changes in brain waves and deep brain structures leading to a stable, relaxed state of mind, and to stress reduction after only one session of neurofeedback.

The obvious question is, why is neurofeedback training not more available? Dr. Buck explains that neurofeedback has historically been expensive and complicated, but that new generation neurofeedback software makes it affordable and simple to use. She believes that a tactical training approach eliminates the stigma of a mental health diagnosis and should result in accessibility for all veterans and those who serve and protect our national security.

The usefulness of neurofeedback was accidentally discovered in a 1960s NASA study when cats were found to be seizure resistant after being trained to change their brainwave activity. The field has progressed significantly in recent years due to technology and research. Neurofeedback is quickly becoming a household term.

"As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention." — Steven Lowen, PhD, 2014, Harvard Medical School
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