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BrainPaint® System

BrainPaint® is a brilliant neurofeedback software program that more people should know about. The system has many features that make it our system of choice for home use, and for larger programs run by organizations. Here are the top reasons to use BrainPaint®:

The system is user-friendly—great for home use and quick training.

BrainPaint® is so user-friendly that we train you to use it responsibly in about 2.5 hours, with ongoing professional support to keep you on track. The system is a complete package—you only need to have some iodized salt and some paper towels. BrainPaint® software helps home users to have confidence in their ability to do their training. It’s hard to make mistakes. We guide your training process by helping you identify goals, and to recognize measurable results.

Most people can handle up to 2 thirty-minute sessions per day, which contributes to rapid training and cost savings. Clients report that 2 sessions a day lead to more rapid results. BrainPaint® home user systems are $675 per month for one user (only $100 per month for each additional) as compared to $85-$225 per single in-office session plus travel time and costs. (More about price.)

BrainPaint session

BrainPaint® uses accurate evidence-based protocols with predictable results.

Individualized protocols used in BrainPaint® were validated in a large randomized control study, and further validated by non-identified data from over 21,000 BrainPaint® clients. Unlike one-size-fits-all home neurofeedback systems, these protocols are directed at your particular patterns of brain waves as determined by a 90-question functional evaluation.

In-office neurofeedback providers typically use “brain maps” to make these personalized evaluations, but they are expensive and resulting protocols can be more subjective depending on provider training and experience. Professionally guided evaluations used with BrainPaint® are effective in identifying the best training protocols, without the need for costly of brain-mapping or travel. We do recommend BrainPaint® with your local provider and want to stress that our services are for those who do not live within a reasonable driving distance (typically 50 miles or more) from an existing provider. (See locations.)

One example of BrainPaint® protocols at work: PTSD.

The BrainPaint® protocols that are often recommended for use with trauma, addictions and peak performance are identical to those used in research studies that resulted in 100% of Vietnam veteran subjects gaining long-term recovery from PTSD. (More info.) These protocols also resulted in 77% of substance dependent subjects being sober one year after treatment as compared to 44% of control subjects. (More info.) These “Scott / Peniston” protocols are named in part after BrainPaint® developer, Bill Scott.

Special features make BrainPaint® an industry leader.

  • The software generates multidimensional feedback, giving your brain a complex range of audio and visual feedback for optimal learning. The beautiful animated (40 frames per second) fractal graphics that give “BrainPaint” its name are one element, which is enhanced with several other more linear forms of visual reward. Audio feedback was designed by top Hollywood sound producers to reflect your brainwave activity at 30 different frequencies. Additional audio feedback is more linear and enhances training. Everyone, especially children, can enjoy making pictures and music with their heads. (More info.)
  • BrainMaster, the amplifier used by BrainPaint®, is FDA approved and is set for auto-thresholding. This means that the amplifier regularly calibrates the protocol (set challenges to increase/decrease different frequency ranges) and meets your brain where it’s at. Auto-thresholding held up in research, demonstrating equal results to a seasoned neurofeedback professional who used manual thresholding.
  • The “Movement Shaper” feature helps trainees to learn to sit still and relax facial muscles so they can maximize their EEG biofeedback training rather than training muscle artifact. This is particularly helpful for children who self-stimulate through physical movements or who have facial or upper body tics.

Professionally endorsed.

  • BrainPaint® has strong endorsements, including being selected in 2012 by StartUp Health as one of the top 10 health care innovations in the nation (
  • Steven Lowen, PhD, Harvard Medical School neuroimaging researcher, states: “As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention.”
  • Click to read comments from our Neurofeedback Home User Services powered by BrainPaint® clients.

We love what we do, and it shows with the results our clients report. BrainPaint® is cutting edge and can help you and your family to get a neurofeedback brain training for optimal functioning. Our program works best for those who are ready for a positive change in their lives—are you ready?

Train Your Brain, Clear Your Mind, Enjoy Your Life.

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"As BrainPaint® is effective, relatively inexpensive, and with a negligible side-effect profile, it represents an important, innovative intervention." — Steven Lowen, PhD, 2014, Harvard Medical School
Neurofeedback Home User Services powered by BrainPaint®

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